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AVL Cultural Foundation




The AVL Cultural Foundation was born from AVL CEO Professor Helmut List's vision to incorporate art as an essential part of AVL's corporate culture and to contribute to the company's corporate citizenship. Several pioneering projects – based on the idea of combining science and art – had already been realized by AVL before the AVL Cultural Foundation was founded in the autumn of 2007. 


Kathryn and Helmut List founded the AVL Cultural Foundation to more successfully realize a whole range of projects, collaborations and cultural funding.


Mission and Objective

The AVL Cultural Foundation combines arts and science. The foundation's main objectives are to enrich arts and culture, to support young people and interdisciplinary expansion of knowledge. The AVL Cultural Foundation aims to achieve these aims through three different approaches:


• By promoting the diversity of cultural events and artistic expression to support artists and cultural institutions; 

• By engaging artists and scientists, and enabling the traditionally separated disciplines of arts and science to intermingle and create innovative new projects;

• By initiating and realizing a broad variety of interesting projects via the Arts in Science platform.   


Bridging the Gap

The AVL Cultural Foundation supports exchange and collaboration between science, technology and the arts. This collaboration is based on both the similarities between arts, science and technology as well as the differences between them. Bridging the gap between the disciplines encourages creative and innovative thinking. And the international scope of the projects adds to this.  


Discovering Parallels 

The interdisciplinary approach illustrates parallels between arts, science and technology. The insights gained encourage understanding of challenges and constitute a first step towards the creation of a problem-solving approach. 


Gaining Perspectives

It is important to understand the details of collaborations between artists and scientists  as well as the end-result. This creates new perspectives for practitioners and audiences alike. 



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